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Victoria Skogsberg’s art practice is based around her interest in existential, spiritual and psychical experiences, in relation to atmosphere, spatiality and the psychology of space. Skogsberg’s particular interest is in the notion of ‘the empty room’, negative space, absence and presence, and the possibility of rooms and interiors somehow communicating these feelings and ideas to us. How rooms are experienced by the mood transmitted within them; how the evasion of one presence creates another:

An empty chair speaks of a future arrival or loss: it anticipates the person who will sit; it remembers the person who did sit. A body leaves its imprint on the chair, which holds the memory of the body in place.
(Alice Rayner)

Through experimenting with materials from ‘captured’ experiences of spaces, moods and extraordinary events, Victoria Skogsberg develops atmospheric, investigatory video and installation works based on the interaction between the physical room and its interiority, the constructed installation, the moving image and the human psyche of the visitor. Skogsberg’s aim is to embody the experience of the experience, to create artworks that portray a particular atmosphere existing somewhere else and also to evoke this atmosphere itself.


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